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Around the WorldakikoクラリオンCMソング
Around the world I've searched for you I traveled on when hope was gone To kee
Funky Monkey Baby - English versionakiko
You're such a funky monkey baby So unpredictable But let me tell you I miss hi
Old Devil Moonakiko
I look at you and suddenly Something in your eyes I see Soon begins bewitching
Mood Swingsakiko
When I find myself lonely And I feel sorry for myself The night's calmly watch
I Miss Youakiko
A couple seasons passed me by Since you made me feel so real That feeling I re
So Tiredakiko
They don't know what I've been going through What's going on inside of me, insa
Far Beyondakiko
Rising and falling Searching and flying Reaching and feeling Floating and sin
Interlude - Blues No.8akiko
I'm not the kind of girl That you've expected me to be But I'm not such a bad
You've Changed - Funk Versionakiko
You've changed That sparkle in your eyes is gone Your smile is just a careless
Good Morning Heartacheakiko
Good morning, Heartache You old gloomy sight Good morning, Heartache Thought
Prelude to a Kissakiko
If you hear a song in blue Like a flower crying for the dew That was my heart
When you are lonely When you are sad Hear what I've got to say Do what you wa
Interlude - God BIess' the Childakiko
Them that's got shall get Them that's not shall lose So the bible said And it
I sing this song thinkin' 'bout you But you hear it It's got you thinkin' 'bou
Fly Me to the Moonakiko
Fly me to the moon And let me play among the stars Let me see what spring is l
Do You Know?akiko
Why am I searchin' for unseen reasons to cry? Don't know why tears don't come a