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Upstream  ♪  akiko
作詞 : akiko
作曲 : Yoshito Tanaka

I sing this song thinkin' 'bout you
But you hear it
It's got you thinkin' 'bout someone else
Can't you feel a little bit of irony?
Ain't no one else but you
That I see myself with
As long as when you have no one around
You take me out and say "I've been missin' you"

I've been cryin', I've been prayin'
Up above
God used to answer all my prayers
I am searchin', I am wonderin'
Where's the love?
No matter how much I try
Lord, why don't you hear me no more?

If you don't love me
Why pretend this love is real?
Makes me melt just like a lemon drop
If you belong to someone
Don't you make me feel like this
I just go against the flow

I'm no bigger than a tear in your world
But you are what illuminates my world
Without you I couldn't even sing a song
All I mean is that
You're the only one for me
Though I am just one of them for you
Won't you tell me
How am I supposed to make it through

I've been lyin', I've been tryin'
To be cool
Pretending I'm a lot of girl
I'm explainin', I'm confessin'
I'm a fool
Each time I see your eyes
I can't help blushin' in confusion

If you don't love me
Don't you tell me such a thing
Don't say nothing to build up my hopes
If you belong to someone
Why you holding me like this
Knowing you won't be mine

Even if you don't care for me
Remember you can have my all
My eyes, my soul, my voice
Even if you become an enemy of the world
I will still be here for you
Understand that I won't mind to go

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