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Jword akiko
Mood Swings  ♪  akiko
作詞 : akiko
作曲 : Sunaga t Experience

When I find myself lonely
And I feel sorry for myself
The night's calmly watchin' over me
What's it gonna be for me
Drawn in misery
What do I believe really
I will try to see

Waited for a while for something
To come along and take me
Now I think that I'll change my fate
And see what life's to offer
Thousand nights have deeply sunk in
I think it's time I'm ready
Time is on my side
God is on my side
Can't depend just on you

Now it's time to free my mind
Lose myself in my rhyme
Let the passion rise and shine
Once in a lifetime

Sometimes I've been having mood swings
And they just seem to haunt me
Strangers in my mind take over
Please set me free forever
Life is just a maze
It's chaos but I will choose where I go
I won't run and hide
I won't run and hide
Can't depend just on you

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