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ICECREAM QUEEN歌詞 And I'm a lonely queen, I melt
ANGER/ANGER歌詞 …and so, we met in the deep d
...And REMNANT歌詞 I'm still here to say goodbye
ACHE in PULSE歌詞 I won't make a wish to anyone
L.L.L.歌詞 Don't you give me your love an
Endless Embrace歌詞 I still remember you; the time
Clattanoia(penumbral)歌詞 Just go a way Find away Where'
Something w/o Sunrise歌詞 What did you see on the horizo
The first ending歌詞 Still in the mood for a melody
theater D歌詞 The ticket is all that I have
JINGO JUNGLE歌詞 Don't go away 逃げ場はない Oh
STYX HELIX歌詞 Oh, please don't let me die Wa
STRAIGHT BET歌詞 "For my love, I'll bet" 命こそ
TIT FOR TAT歌詞 We're shouting Oh Yeah For the
Tempest-tost歌詞 tonight, midnight, don't you?
Paradisus-Paradoxum歌詞 Now let me open the scar 溶け
PANTA RHEI歌詞 One, only that which you feel
Frozen Rain歌詞 Still believe in you Still bel
VORACITY歌詞 I am very, very crazy, very 永
MOBIUS∞CRISIS歌詞 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...8...12...16...
RAISON D'ETRE歌詞 Wake up 目覚めていく心 This to


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