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Other Side / Other SideOther Side 都会の雑踏を かき消すノイズ 耳ふさぐ
Another World / Another WorldAnother World This changes everything
Afraid To Be Cool / Afraid To Be CoolAfraid To Be Cool Banging down on my door Can't get
Under The Same Sky / Under The Same SkyUnder The Same Sky 気づけば もう遠くまで来たね 日々に追われ
Into The Red / Into The RedInto The Red GIMME ALL THE FURY, GIMME ALL THE
We Can't Stop It (Rewind) / We Can't Stop It (Rewind)We Can't Stop It (Rewind) Our memories are flowing past I'm
Walk With Me / Walk With MeWalk With Me Take a walk with me Come on and
Alien Girl / Alien GirlAlien Girl SHE SEEMS SO HUMAN JUST LIKE YOU
Odyssey / OdysseyOdyssey 目くそ鼻くそ はばかり 隣の芝 けなすばかり
Come Alive / Come AliveCome Alive WHAT'S GOING ON, MAN, WHAT IS IT?
Guard You / Guard YouGuard You Leave you lying in your bed Black
Cry Like This / Cry Like ThisCry Like This In the blazing daylight The sun
Calling / CallingCalling FOLLOWING A STAR THE ONLY ONE I
Cocoon / CocoonCocoon What's my face? Something I can't
Samurai 45 / Samurai 45Samurai 45 We can go, we can go like a Samurai
Secret / SecretSecret Unzip it girl Drop it down Get
She Don't Know How To Dance / She Don't Know How To DanceShe Don't Know How To Dance 1, 2, 3, 4 My baby has got it all
Shangri-La / Shangri-LaShangri-La シャングリラ 彼女の唱った ユートピア眩しい
The Others / The OthersThe Others BOY, KEEP ON DIGGIN' DEEP IN THE
Justice / JusticeJustice Dead man in the back street Passers
Stars / StarsStars 無数の星の下 いくつ夢を見た 何度
Steal The Sun / Steal The SunSteal The Sun And when the dusk breaks down the
Set It On Fire / Set It On FireSet It On Fire You've got a fuse, I've got a lighter
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Chase It / Chase ItChase It Just run n run n run n run till
Tears On Fire / Tears On FireTears On Fire I'm calling for you All my tears
Dim It feat. Bones / Dim It feat. BonesDim It feat. Bones Stripping off the costume Washing
Day 1 (Album Version) / Day 1 (Album Version)Day 1 (Album Version) Stagnation The END prediction Pessimism
DAY 1 (Reborn) / DAY 1 (Reborn)DAY 1 (Reborn) Wake up in darkness 完全に Silence
Danger Danger / Danger DangerDanger Danger Don't pretend you can't see us
TOKIO / TOKIOTOKIO 空を飛ぶ 街が飛ぶ 雲を突きぬけ
Tomaranai ha-ha / Tomaranai ha-haTomaranai ha-ha 乗ってくれ Ha〜Ha Rock'n Roll Night
Need for Speed / Need for SpeedNeed for Speed マジ くだらない ニュースに まみれてる
No Sleep Till Tokyo / No Sleep Till TokyoNo Sleep Till Tokyo No sleep till Tokyo We like it,
No One Knows My Name (Slap It) / No One Knows My Name (Slap It)No One Knows My Name (Slap It) No one even knows my name If I
Hallelujah / HallelujahHallelujah Love's up Sun's out 風と 空と 君
Hands To Hold / Hands To HoldHands To Hold I remember We shared the sun together
Butterfly / ButterflyButterfly 色を重ねて 嘘を重ねて 綺麗なままじゃいられない
Bang! / Bang!Bang! Dreaming of a world I can hear「楽天モバイル」CMソング
Perfect Storm (feat.Amber Liu) / Perfect Storm (feat.Amber Liu)Perfect Storm (feat.Amber Liu) It was like I knew you from before
Fire Bird / Fire BirdFire Bird Take off 限りなく HIGHER 頂上 その視野はHONDA「FIT」CMソング
Free World / Free WorldFree World Tonight we'll take a walk on the
Heaven is A Place On Earth / Heaven is A Place On EarthHeaven is A Place On Earth She's a beautiful rebel She's a
Hell No / Hell NoHell No They won't stop this war For their
Holy Nights / Holy NightsHoly Nights 凍えそうなくらい 無情に過ぎてく
Holy Nights (Intro) / Holy Nights (Intro)Holy Nights (Intro) Holy nights Holy nights Show me
Horizon / HorizonHorizon Imagine nothing in the morning
You Know It's Love / You Know It's LoveYou Know It's Love It's tough but you know it's love
Unite (feat. Rob Harvey) / Unite (feat. Rob Harvey)Unite (feat. Rob Harvey) OUT OF THE DARKNESS AND INTO THE
Live To Dream (feat.FAIS) / Live To Dream (feat.FAIS)Live To Dream (feat.FAIS) I live to dream But miss what's
Real? / Real?Real? 3, 2, 1, We're counting down let's
Raise Me Up / Raise Me UpRaise Me Up All rev'd up when the beat done
Let Go (2015 Ver.) / Let Go (2015 Ver.)Let Go (2015 Ver.) THE QUEST, THE STRESS THE PRESSURE
Long Nights / Long NightsLong Nights I made up my mind today When the


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