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MIYAVI「Perfect Storm (feat.Amber Liu)」のジャケット画像

Perfect Storm (feat.Amber Liu)

作詞:MIYAVI・Lenard Skolnik・Seann Bowe・Amber Liu・Emyli
作曲:MIYAVI・Lenard Skolnik・Seann Bowe・Amber Liu・Emyli

It was like I knew you from before
Love is something I was hiding from
And that's something you were waiting for
Baby, we're the perfect storm

Tell me, can you feel it in the air?
Something beautiful and something rare
We're everlasting, this I swear
Baby, we're the perfect storm

I'll take you around
ほら早く Now
Before the sun is down
Baby, we're the perfect storm

Have you seen the sky
When you close your eyes
Baby, we're the perfect storm

Something crazy about you
got me addicted so come through
I need more of what you're giving won't you come vibe with me
It's you I can't undo so keep it going cause you know its all you
I can take you anywhere you wanna go
I'm saying you're the perfect storm

Yeah you got me stuck in a tease
The things you doing get me easy
Take me through your hurricane we can make it through the rain
Baby's got me stuck in a tease
The things you doing get me easy
The feeling of you I need some more

Baby, you're the perfect storm, perfect storm

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