MIYAVI「Running In My Head」歌詞

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Running In My Head / MIYAVI

「Running In My Head」歌詞

作詞:MIYAVI・Lenard Skolnik・Seann Bowe・Notelle
作曲:MIYAVI・Lenard Skolnik・Erich Lennig・Seann Bowe・Notelle

The sun's out when we're born and they say
Find love we search for and waste it
We bow down and pray cause it's mayday
Find love we forget and waste it

It's a fight
It's a face off
I'm a knife
And I break off
At the heart and the days go on and on and on and on

Where's a light
I can see it
Getting bright
Can I reach it?
Fallin' night but the days go on and on and on and on

I, I, I hear those voices always calling after me
Feels like I'm trapped inside
Running in my head, running in my head

I, I, I'm always chasing shadows never wait for me
Feels like I'm way behind
I'm running in my head, running in my head

Waking up
With a fever
Shaking up
Like a seizure
Never gone and I still go on and on and on

Tell me why
Am I chasing
Every night
Every second
Always up
So the night goes on and on and on

Breathe in count the seconds
Exhale demons in my mind
I try to fight it but I'm out of time

Scream out till they hear me run dry
Searching in the night my
paranoia raging like a fire

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