Shadow - 高橋幸宏の歌詞


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Jword 高橋幸宏
Shadow  ♪  高橋幸宏
作詞 : James Iha
作曲 : James Iha

I wake in the morning
It's hard to sleep
I put on some coffee
I feel dizzy

This house is haunted
Open the shades
Shake the dust out
I feel my age

Curl up on the couch
Put on headphones
I feel the weight of life
Let it go

Out of the shadows into the light

"Breathless I'll catch you
I'll follow you into the night"

You've given me sight
A gift to the blind
I walked in the clouds
Now I walk on the ground
Colors are real
Now I know how to feel
Puzzles that puzzled me
I no longer doubt

Here I go, on my way, no one knows
Here we go, on our way, no one knows

You've given me sight
I walked in the clouds
Colors are real
You've given me sight

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