All That We Know 高橋幸宏 歌詞


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All That We Know  ♪  高橋幸宏
作詞 : Kyoko Maruyama・Yukihiro Takahashi
作曲 : Curly Giraffe

Thinking what to do
Thinking 'bout the ways to make it work out in the way it all should
Everybody wants
Everybody wants to know if we can have our own peace of mind
Is it just too late to find
That dream again?

Dream again
Can we dream again?
And we dream again

Looking up the sky
I'm looking for the ways to make it to the other side, I am trying
Listen for a reply
Waiting for an answer, is there a way to leave my feelings behind?
I don't want to feel this way

Not anymore
Don't wanna feel the pain
Don't wanna feel again

When you said there's something in our hands
I knew, but I didn't understand
And you said I kept it to myself
Yes, it was true, I had no one else
And I thought we'll never have it all
Oh, how I wished I hadn't let go
What we had was all we've ever known

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