Place In Your Heart Aisa 歌詞


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Place In Your Heart  ♪  Aisa
作詞 : Aisa
作曲 : 山田正人

Golden Sun shine
Love is filling the air
So, you've come again to pick me up

What a beautiful day
Are you telling me its not too late?
Do I still have chance?

Rain has gone away and I'm feeling fine
Now that I have you with me
Sky is looking oh, so bright and clear
Makes me wanna fly

Don't tease me I'm not fit or having bad hair day
I just need some confidence, help me through a brand new day

Baby, this road leads to something good
Maybe, its waiting across the street
Drive me away to a place, place I never seen

Show me that special place, place in your heart

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アルバム「矢島美容室 THE MOVIE MUSIC ALBUM」収録曲
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