Amazing Angel ライオネル・リチ男 歌詞


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Amazing Angel  ♪  ライオネル・リチ男
作詞 : Aisa
作曲 : 山田正人

It's not easy,
Keeping to myself
What a wonderful
How it's wonderful
Every little thing comes to life
Looking colorful and bright
When you give that smile

Yes, oh it's true
Your eyes,
Rosy sexy lips of yours,
Makes every men in town go wild
It's no lie, you make the world,
Amazing, Amazing

Oh, it's my wish
To keep you away,
Lock you up in a cage
If I could
But there's no way,
To stand in between a loving
Oh Angel, oh Angel

Cigarette burns
On the table
Broken bar sign,
Stained curtains
Turns in to a Paradise,
With you, Amazing, my Angel

映画「矢島美容室 THE MOVIE〜夢をつかまネバダ〜」挿入歌
アルバム「矢島美容室 THE MOVIE MUSIC ALBUM」収録曲
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Amazing Angel♪It's not easy, Keeping

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Amazing Angel♪It's not easy, Keeping