Waiting For Love ニーヌ・マッケンジー 歌詞


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Waiting For Love  ♪  ニーヌ・マッケンジー
作詞 : Aisa
作曲 : 武部聡志

Take my hand,
When you're feeling low
Don't be scared,
I'll hold you tight and strong

Remember me,
When you're alone
How we blade pink flowers in your hair

Someday everything will change,
But I will always love you

10 years may grow us and set us apart,
I'll be there
Longing for love again

Seasons go,
And seasons change
Don't forget,
Flower will bloom in spring

Waiting here, long as I can
Waiting for love,
Love, you bring to me
Love, waiting for your love

映画「矢島美容室 THE MOVIE〜夢をつかまネバダ〜」挿入歌
アルバム「矢島美容室 THE MOVIE MUSIC ALBUM」収録曲
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