Out of Here - 高橋幸宏の歌詞


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Jword 高橋幸宏
Out of Here  ♪  高橋幸宏
作詞 : Yukihiro Takahashi・Kyoko Amatatsu
作曲 : Yukihiro Takahashi

People come and go from different places
I see them all in their similar faces

Nameless strangers, but they look familiar
Am I heading for that similar place too?

I hear the silent sound of people thinking
People think of things that's so peculiar

In my universe
Darling, we become one
This pain, I feel deep down my heart
Tell me, do you feel it, too?

What do all these people do? I don't know
Where do all these people go? To nowhere

What do all these people think? I wanna know
Where do all these strangers go? Am I, too?

アルバム「Page By Page」収録曲
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