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The StrongerLOUDNESS
Break the chains Stop the pain Need the power to overcome Don't you wait now Y
2012〜End of the AgeLOUDNESS
Domesticated nation Ignorant subjugation The crimson Urge for conquest Creepi
Break New GroundLOUDNESS
I hear the voices "Go and give it a shot" Got to make my dream come to life Li
Driving ForceLOUDNESS
Battle rages on and on Satisfy their appetite Demon greed justified Are we sa
Behind The SceneLOUDNESS
"Going Green", a shady market strategy Blatant bullshit everywhere Using God f
Bang'em DeadLOUDNESS
Say you want more, you greedy swine The savage ruler 'Cause you cannot forget
The Voice of MetalLOUDNESS
Man on the silver mountain Oh you left us We're screaming out your name so you
Who The Hell CaresLOUDNESS
The time has come to say goodbye But you know I ain't the only one All the her
Deep-Six The LawLOUDNESS
Deep-six the law! You're telling me Get in the ring My hands are tied Deep-s
Memento MoriLOUDNESS
Life pass you by You know you're wasting time We all shall die and say goodbye
The power of truthLOUDNESS
Black box sealed tight Wonder what's inside Suicidal martyr mission Who fuels
Come alive againLOUDNESS
Came without warning like a streak of lightning Sorrow and pain , We are put to
On the verge of desperation My hope's all blown away Wailing inside and it hur
Keep you burningLOUDNESS
We burn the place down to the ground Breaking the taboo and turn up the sound 
Gonna do it my wayLOUDNESS
Let me do it like you want it Sure to please ya It's turning me on It's a plea
Hang toughLOUDNESS
All or nothing, you live or die Thank god you are alive Lost everything Everyt
Comes the dawnLOUDNESS
Just like shadow needs light Bliss exists with sorrow To live is to face sadne
In the box the sun is blazing Fuel rod that knows no aging Radiates energy tha
Crazy! Crazy! Crazy!LOUDNESS
Tell me, what ya doing here? But you don't seem to care This ain't your proper
Stay alive the deadly game you play Burn the torch now to light the way Stay a