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Deep-Six The Law-LOUDNESS
Deep-Six The Law  ♪  LOUDNESS
作詞 : 二井原実
作曲 : 高崎晃

Deep-six the law!
You're telling me
Get in the ring
My hands are tied

Deep-six the law!
"Don't you do this"
"Don't you do that"
Deep-six the law!

Deep-six the law!
Before I knew
They tagged me evil
What did I do wrong?

Deep-six the law!
People they say
I'm a mad killer
Deep-six the law!

You say that I'm too dangerous
That I cannot be unleashed for life
You say that I must give up the fight
And you took my gloves away

But I call myself a boxer
And I'm damn proud to be one
All I really want is fair play
Invasion is not my intent

We gotta stand up and deep-six the law!
Win back our sovereignty!
Get our freedom back!

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