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Bang'em Dead-LOUDNESS
Bang'em Dead  ♪  LOUDNESS
作詞 : 二井原実
作曲 : 高崎晃

Say you want more, you greedy swine
The savage ruler

'Cause you cannot forget the taste of wine
The power abuser

Monopoly, money hungry

Starving soldiers, Falling empire under fire

Bang'em dead! Bang'em dead Right now!
Bang'em dead! Bang'em dead Right now!

Expose the lies and deception
Money cannot buy you salvation

Your days are numbered
Nowhere to hide
Truth be told now
No more lies

Think you run the game Megalomania
We're falling victim to the mass hysteria

Money-spittin' Powertrippin'
Know you won't last long

Black history again and again
Do we ever learn?

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