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Anniversary feat. SONPUBDef Tech
お正月は初詣 寺に賽銭投げて手を合わせる バレンタインデーには 手作りと義理のチョ
The Best TimeDef Tech
Hey you, don't get me wrong Just wanna skank in the moonlight to shine It's tr
Be The OneDef Tech「2013年度 赤十字運動広報」CMソング
Look through your spectacles, the world duality We see a place that we no longe
The Key feat. Emi MeyerDef Tech
Every day keeps passing me by Every moment's a blink of an eye Every moment ke
Just a Little Longer ft. Xavier Boyer of Tahiti 80Def Tech
Something in the way that you groove Makes you shine, I don't know what to do 
MarathonDef Tech
人生を例えるならマラソン 次の近くの目標までは Let's go! 疲れ果ててる僕の足はも
He'eia 〜Jawaiian Mix〜 feat. MakanaDef Tech
Aia i He'eia la I ka nalu e he'e ana Aia i He'eia la I ka nalu e he'e ana Ra
FlowDef Tech
音に乗っかれ 波に乗ってけ Wave your hands in the air ぶちかましたれ! それやっ
UchiaketekureDef Tech
Tell me all that is your heart Show me why you hurt so Revealing all your pain
BoleroDef Tech「2012年度 赤十字運動広報」CMソング
Hello my friends We coming together to celebrate life We gather as one with th
Summer Steppin'Def Tech
Sunset moonrise stars are coming up ふぞろいの空に手をかざす 君を思うと胸が疼
A-1Def Tech
We're the voices of the next generation Shaking up this music imitation Waking
The Come BackDef Tech
We back! Taking back the mic and the fight is on Showing up the whole world, s
Catch me if you canDef Tech
Catch me if you can We chasing what seems on the way to really be Seeking to f
Surfer's ParadiseDef Tech
早起き sunrise got new feeling 風向き潮まわりチェックして I'm leaving ボードと
おんがく♪MUSICDef Tech
人の心を結ぶのが音楽 傷ついた心を癒すのも音楽 言葉の壁乗り越えてゆく音楽 目に
The Dub DichotomyDef Tech
As we walk on this plane of Earth We struggle from the time of birth To make u
Rays of LightDef Tech
なんかの帰り道 君を想って歩く 今ならわかるのにな なかなか思い通りには行かない
DreamDef Tech
二人が出会って and they fall in love 生まれてきたのが this is who we are 弱虫だ
F.M.B!!Def Tech
Just Do The Funky Monkey Baby That Clunky Spunky Crazy Punky Drunky Shady You