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Def Tech
A-1  ♪  Def Tech
作詞 : Def Tech
作曲 : Def Tech

We're the voices of the next generation
Shaking up this music imitation
Waking up the masses of a nation
Raising up to shift, acceleration
Loving how we live, imagination
Take it as it is, appreciation

Feel it in your bones, illumination
Def Tech's two again, reincarnation

Def Tech's back again, integration
Def Tech's back again, combination
Def Tech's back again, across the nation
Def Tech's back again, Micro and Shen
Def Tech's back again
Def Tech's back again
Def Tech's back again
Def Tech's back again

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アルバム「Mind Shift」収録曲
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Def Techの新着歌詞

Anniversary feat. SONPUB♪お正月は初詣
The Best Time♪Hey you, don't get me wrong
Be The One♪Look through your spectacles,
The Key feat. Emi Meyer♪Every day keeps passing me by
Just a Little Longer ft. Xavier Boyer of Tahiti 80♪Something in the way that you

Def Techの人気歌詞

1位 Rays of Light♪なんかの帰り道 君を想って歩く
2位 おんがく♪MUSIC♪人の心を結ぶのが音楽
3位 Surfer's Paradise♪早起き sunrise got new feeling
4位 Marathon♪人生を例えるならマラソン
5位 Bolero♪Hello my friends We coming together