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Def Tech
The Come Back  ♪  Def Tech
作詞 : Def Tech
作曲 : Def Tech・SONPUB

We back!
Taking back the mic and the fight is on
Showing up the whole world, so we flipped the song
Making up for lost time and we going strong
Wronged all of the fans but we back where we belong

この内側から溢れる Energy
敏感すぎるほど起こす Allergy
相乗効果 これが Synergy
MDMA よりも Extasy!!

All right, it's 'bout the feeling
(It's 'bout you feeling)
You're right in the feeling
(It's 'bout you feeling healing)

盛り上がること間違いないでしょ、you know?
You know how we do it to the crack of the beat
We take it to that next level that you can't even see
お久しご無沙汰 long time no see!!
待ちに待つ Def Tech の flow で Show Case!!
Def Tech's back oh no!
Def Tech's back uhh no!


Step back, count down, everybody lift off
We on a whole new stride and you know we tip top
Breaking the rules again, we'll show you how it's done
We got our eyes to the sky cuz we know to fly, yo!

Def Tech, just go DT
Rocking the party cuz we
Lift your vibe, riding all night
We play, what we say
Def Def moves your body right

鳥だ! 雲だ! 飛行機だー!
Def Tech の一行のおでましだ!
ひかえ! ひかえ! ひかえおろう!

一つ 人の世 生き血をすすり
二つ 不埒な悪行三昧
三つ 醜い浮世の鬼を退治してくれよう
Shen と Micro!!

Give me that, give me back the microphone
This is a sign of the times for some action
In fact we on, that cyclone
Popping the Perignon and it's been too long
We ready for the next stage of the trip
Journeyin' further than we can reality grip
Def Tech back rippin' up the house you know?
We got the key to that spot you feeling safe, now let's go!

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