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I close my eyes
I know that you never need me when I'm wanting you
Though I'm waiting for you to call my phone
I lose my mind
Getting so deeper

Thinking of you
Try to remember the words that you told me
But I never treat you like
She hurts you, annoys you, and saddens you
Won't let you leave…

I'm so into you
Boy, how can I make you believe
Show you my love can be so true
Can't you see what I feel inside
Baby so into you
Wanna make you believe in me
Show me what you want me to do
I will do anything to please you

Don't look away
There's always real stuff
And nothing's gonna break it
I just wanna satisfy your empty heart
So can you please
Stop doubting me now

You got me crazy
And I am drowned in confusion
Don't know what to do
Makes me worry
Even when you're touching, and kissing, and holding me
Feel so uneasy

When you're down and wander alone
(I'll) come running to hug you right away
We can make it
You'll taste the greatest love
Come to me, boy
Nothing sweeter, stronger than that
Just go find a thing that we want
Trust your feeling
Now all we need is "Truth"

I'm so into you
Only you make me feel like woo
There is nobody else like you
I just want you to take control of me
Baby so into you
I'm the one who can change your life
And I'll bring out the best in you
Baby please open up your heart




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