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作詞:Amiide・Jordan Kelker
作曲:Amiide・Jordan Kelker・A.G.O

Can you connect me
Maybe redirect me
All the girls that's sexy
Since you call me besty

If can't have you
Then shit then that's fine
In every word and every line
Mean a lot to me
Play lottery
And I been waitin in line

I been puttin in work (work)
I been puttin in time (time)
Fuck you think that I rap (for)
Homie gimme the light

You call me boo
But you call me dude
I'm so confused
When I look at you

You call me bestie
Put your girlfriends on the guestlist
They'll be like text me
Now I'm just like next bih

She my besty
But we might be too friendly
After 1, 2, henny
We get messy
Dont get jelly
If your homegirl wanna date me
I'm tired of hearing Maybe's

Me and Yui would look cute
But me and Mana that's a move
Me and Kana, the Bahamas yo Las Vegas or Peru
You know I wait until ready
And if it isn't soon
Then keep it cool
Just like I do
And tell yo girlfriend what it do

It's too bad
We ain't together
You missed out
But I'm kinda glad
5 years from now
I'll dance with somebody who used to be your besty




1 Too LateNEWTell me that I'm too late, mak
2 TYOLove for my city that's real L
3 Under PressureNEWI'm under pressure She got per
4 BestyNEWCan you connect me Maybe redir
5 Dance Wit UNEWAlright Stop Now give me every
6 Second LoveNEWEvery now and then I miss ya Y

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