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CIRRRCLE「Second Love」のジャケット画像

Second Love

作詞:Amiide・Jordan Kelker
作曲:Amiide・Jordan Kelker・A.G.O

Every now and then I miss ya
You know I'm already over
I'm in love with someone else now
She treats me better

Look up your name on the gram
You're in love with someone else too
We're cool after all that we've been through
Living on South Grand View street

I still hate valentines
You broke up on facetime

I was blocking out reasons
Why we didn't work out
So I took my time

Who gives a fuck
About our first love
I'm finally happy with my second love
Time kills the pain
My routines are changed
I'm finally happy again

Woah give it to me everything you got and more
Second time around I wanna take it slow
Now I want it fast baby tell me go
I been here before I already know

First time was the worst time
Now it's much much cooler
Plus your sugar is the sweetest
And yo booty yea much cuter




1 Too LateNEWTell me that I'm too late, mak
2 TYOLove for my city that's real L
3 Under PressureNEWI'm under pressure She got per
4 BestyNEWCan you connect me Maybe redir
5 Dance Wit UNEWAlright Stop Now give me every
6 Second LoveNEWEvery now and then I miss ya Y

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