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歌手:Survive Said The Prophet
作詞:Survive Said The Prophet
作曲:Survive Said The Prophet

In spite of how the world decides to see my life
Would I still have a chance for us to say good bye
Over and over again
If I decide to burn instead of fading out,
I still would like the chance for us to say good bye
Over and over again

If we can be found,
we sure can get lost
Through all the madness of falling in love
If we're truly lost
I don't want to be found
here dying alone

The stain of red that colors the pavement
painted with blood of somebody you love
Is this sacrifice for the broken
losing the purest of what's in my heart

Too close but far enough for me to see
The vision of my eyes was fooled by no one only me
I'll keep my eyes shut pull the trigger
Forget to pray before we say goodnight

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