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Funny Sunny Day <Japanese Version> / SxOxU1 Funny Sunny Day <Japanese Version> 安心感なんて無くていい 感情的問題は捨ててアニメ「家庭教師ヒットマン REBORN!」オープニングテーマ
Funny Sunny Day <English Version> / SxOxU2 Funny Sunny Day <English Version> I saw the sunset in the east I
Don't want to be alone / SxOxU3 Don't want to be alone Never needed anybody When I was
Roller Coaster / SxOxU4 Roller Coaster Come on, now Get it started Don't
Summer's gone / SxOxU5 Summer's gone On a great day like this Chasing
VOID / SxOxU6 VOID XXXXX Just like this
Departure / SxOxU7 Departure When the morning sun shines over
Remember / SxOxU8 Remember Thinking 'bout... days when we


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