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Don't want to be alone

作詞:Mika Arata

Never needed anybody
When I was young, I had nothing to fear
And my favorite food was garlic chicken and beer

All I needed was my buddies
We used to hang out all night till the dawn
Everyday was like a party time to me

You have made me change

Don't know why
Thinking of you makes me cry
You're just so special to me

Don't want to be alone × 5

Never needed any lover
When I was down, I had friends to be with
And we always drank and laughed our heads off with beer

When I saw you at the counter
That was the moment of love at first sight
Every move you made was beautiful to me

You have changed my life

Don't know how
Dreaming of you makes me high
You're just so needful to me

Don't you leave me alone × 5

I know... that you will call
And I will beg you to be by my side
I know... what you will say
"OK, if you cannot live by yourself"

Don't you leave me alone × 4

Don't want to be alone × 5


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