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BANKAillion 言葉でなんか救えない そんな想
Miracleillion I do believe in you Although I
Told U Soillion I'm in love with all your fict
Hilight feat.5lackillion Hilight my life All is yours n
Water lilyillion 目の前の君が笑った そんなこと
85illion You said your world is ending
P.Y.Lillion I love your smile, what can I
Dream Play Sickillion あぁ あぁ 夢が 醒めたら あぁ
Wander Lustillion You held your breath I'll give
Stroboillion 濡れたあなたのその瞳を 一言で
Aceillion Without an Ace. How do we play
BRAIN DRAINillion I just wondered why. You cried
AIWAGUMAillion 歩んできたこの道は どんな形し
PLANETARIANillion In a little over 100 years I b
MAHOROBAillion 風立ちぬ いざ生きめやも 凪ぐを
BEEHIVEillion Hi we're the child of the nuke
DANCEillion Singing is always easier than
γillion Why why me oh why only me And
FINGER PRINTillion I sometimes put my fingers dee
LYNCHillion I thought so you've lost no si
UN&DOillion When I look into your eyes it
GASSHOWillion 猛た波が喰らふは千の意思と万の
ESPECIALLYillion Especially when you smile it's
BIRDIEillion I know that you're been lonely