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アイシテル I had a world I made mistakes
アイシテル どうして?いつから? 長い夢で
あいたくて 夢の破片を探しに行こう 古ぼけ
I Need Your Love You could travel all over the
あかり まだ寂しさを隠せずにいるの?
足跡 どんなに苦しい風が吹こうと I r
another day 日差しが強くなるほどに動き出す
Amazing Amazing I feel so amazing I mi
Alive Run away 誰も知らない Get away
Around The World Everynight I look to the skies
Undercover She's always undercover She hi
Is this love? 見つめ合い 怯えながら 怒り 震
Is this love? -English ver.- I don't believe in the truth a
If ただひとつだけ ただひとつだけ
If I knew “どんなふうに?”昨日に問いかけ
Into The Night 嫌になるほど 愛してた ボタンど
WEEKDAY I tried to wake up yesterday,
With you I'll take my chance tonight Gi
Walk Alone Slowly fading 足跡残らない Sti
Walk with me 遠い遠い記憶が突然うっすらと
美しい想い出 行き先は何処? 辿るあてもなく
A.I. am Human I must be crazy 騙さないで 悪
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A.I. am Human -English ver.- I must be crazy Hallucinating
S.O.S この先ずっと 笑ってたいね 道の
XYZ 昨日と何にも変わらない 諦めの
Eden さよなら 明日は戻らない これは
Everything is going to be alright Summertime is here to stay Don
Angel どんなに険しい道でも 乗り越え
Ordinary Man Somehow I got it in my head Th
Open Happiness I woke up this morning, toss a
Open Happiness I woke up this morning toss an
all by myself The season's passing by, You'v
on and on いつも遠くばかりを見ていたんだ
Colours of the World I travelled through the lightn
ガンダーラ そこに行けば どんな夢も かなう
Kiss Me Feeling blue Can someone tell
木を植えた男 わらって もういちど やさしく
gift Calendar あどけない Happy face
Crazy Why we cry I don't know why Th
Closer to you It's always on a Friday night,
Gravity Wake me up, I'm Hypnotized You
Gamer With only 1 coin I'll buy imag
Calling Heaven When I awake I'll start over a
光朝 受話器の向こうから 聞こえる君
goin' places You may be tired but you know
Go with U I didn't want to fight I didn'
Golden Road 時計の針をぼーっと見つめ かか
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SAKURA 僕らが大人に近づいて 時間が短
Safari 広大な草原の真ん中 覗く双眼鏡
thank you さみしい曖昧な期待で「いつかは
Sunshine 明日を照らすよSunshine 窓から
The Apprentice It's never been this long Mayb
The Good Life Hey Dr. 眠れないんだ 朝、陽が
The Sandwich Man -part 2- Now won't you blow me a kiss I
The Party's Over 星に願いを 託してみても 切なさ
The Man You Were On time, you never came You di
The Mistakes I've Made オシエテ ワタシヲ オボエテ イ
The Letter How long, since I've written a
shadows Even the cold could never get
Journey 朝の光 窓から射して 眠い瞳を
STAY Hey, I know you wanna stay わ
Story かわしたよろこびが 色のない日
すなのしろ ふたりで海まで 散歩はどう? 桟
Splash 首筋から足元まで この世のもの
スマイル You see the walls? Their break
Save The Last Dance Music babe, is a dream where y
Seiko A beauty beyond compare So swe
空はまるで Will we live forever Our own e
空はまるで 空はまるで君のように青く澄んで
turn Wakin' up 朝目が覚めてフット彼
tired Light my Candles wake me up Wh
ただ、ありがとう ただありがとうを 伝えたくて た
大丈夫 『大丈夫だから…』 『キミなら
CHANGE You had your wishes but you th
DSBIY Don't stop believing in yourse
This Is Not The Ending Da da da da da da Catch me in
Disco Girl Now five. will she ever go to
delayed I'll be late I know I feel Go
Delicious I got this song Inside of my h
Together Tell me that I belong to you I
Together もしこの背中に翼があったら い
Tokyo lights この場所は全てに繋がる 東西南
トビラ 届きそう…でも、届かない I'm t
Traveler You lift me up when I am down
Twilight 見透かされてるような 寂しそう
Tunnel Vision I want you to know I'm good to
Dreams We're carving out a new beginn
Don't wake me up I saw you yesterday There was
Don't Look Back むかしむかしのお話です 眠らぬ
虹色の魚 I'm out of my place I'm playin
虹色の魚 I'm out of my place I'm playin
忘れかけてた 本当の君を 変わる
No Snow In December Yeah! There comes a time when
のぞみ もしも時を遡れたら あまりにも
High When we met It was a fantasy I
Happiness You know the pressure is build
Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas Have yourself a merry little C
birds 夜明け前の空に 輝く星へ願う…
Bicycle Don't wanna fall on my head Do
Valentine Oh I wish that I could make yo
Puzzle 人はどうして 探し求めて 途中で
HERO All of my life, you never left
HERO -English version- All of my life, you never left
Here In Your Arms (Waltz of Life) I want you to know that I love
Bitten By You Well yes I know I'm perfection
between the lines And she's all I need I see her
Beautiful イツデモ 想うのは シズカニ ワ
Fight This Storm Don't leave now I'm coming Can
Fast Forward 何も怖くなんてないさ 手にした
Forever It's beautiful world 宇宙(そら
FOREVER YOUNG 何も知らなかった 傷みなんて感
40 days I see myself I'm all alone I'm
Falling The mission's only half way do
Fall Apart I've got something to say You'
Fall Back If I stall even momentarily It
PHONE CALL Let me go I won't be hurting a
フタリ 幾度となく押し寄せる 想いが混
フタリ -English Version- You've left it all and now I'm
fly Leaving on that 7:30 train I d
fly Leaving on that 7:30 train, I
Free to Fly 暗中…淡い…細やかに…点滅…
Frozen どれくらい待ったのかな この笑
Frontier 人知れず何事もなかったように
Black Hole I click the lights down low I
Black Hole I click the lights down low I
Breathe You just caught me on the scen
brokedown Baby I've been waking up too l
Plastic Girl 口紅なんていらない マニキュア
Please Don't Stop The Music I woke up right beside you A f
Pretty People -Japanese ver.- ALRIGHT NOW HERE WE GO YOU SAY
Hey Mama How beautiful the note may sou
HALO 傾いた太陽 何も云わず 家を出た
Headlight I woke up, and said I'm sorry
Headlight そうか…失せる sorry No luck
Venom Just like the stars in the sky
Very Special You always make me feel so goo
地球(ホシ) September 3rd, I kissed you on
ホワイトノイズ Hey oh, can you hear me call T
Polygon 長い間待ち望んでいた 興奮 崩壊
my home town こゝで夢を見てた この道を通っ
魔法の言葉 I don't know what it is I want
魔法の言葉 だから何を言えばいい 忘れてし
Miracle When you love someone It's har
MAYBE Lately, she's got me hypnotize
Metamorphose 姿形を巧みに変えて 自由自在に
MORNING-EVENING Tell me いますぐそっと Slowly
MONKEY MAGIC Born from on egg on a mountain
MONSTER I'm a monster, nobody knows wh
約束 Here in my room. I can make a
You Are Not Alone Yeah! Turn the radio on You ca
Utopia どこ探し周ったって 見つけられ
U.F.O On this night I'm looking up a
U.F.O On this night I'm looking up a
雪合戦 If you got the beats I got the
夢の世界 わからない 待ちすぎたのかな も
rise Take me in Take me to a place
Runaway The city sleeps 'cause it's a
Running In The Dark There's no time for what was l
Written In The Stars Now is it the place? Is it the
little things I wanted to go You wanted to s
Livin' in the sun Catching all the answers waiti
Lily 誰かのためについた嘘なら、許さ
Lupin The Third <ルパン三世のテーマ> So here he comes, right on tim
ray of light ねえ 明日突然この世界 ねえ も
RAINY DAYS AND MONDAYS Talking to myself and feeling
RAIN 窓の下は red light crisscross
Let It Snow Let It Snow Let It Snow Oh! The weather outside is fri
robots inc. Here's a call for everyone Tak
watching you I don't have a clue what's in
One Side You said you didn't know But t
Wonderland Tell me you love me baby I've
One Day It's a better day, could you s
One more chance I've said everything that ther


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