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Aye! Aye!歌詞 Hello! Ni-hao! Kon-nichi-wa! B
I am proud歌詞 Open up your mind and feel the
I KNOW WHAT YOU WANT歌詞 6, 4's make 98 You're not goin
Unexpected Thunder歌詞 Step by step to the promised l
ima-sorewo-hikarini-kaete-susume!歌詞 衝撃よ 呼び醒ませ! 心奥深く
IN THE CITY歌詞 He is just a boy in the city D
INVADERS歌詞 Longboats have been sighted an
We want to know!歌詞 The time has come! We're all p
WIND MILL歌詞 The Wind Mill is spinning and
WALK THIS WAY歌詞 Backstroke lover always hidin'
O-zora歌詞 挑まず 怪我もせず 信じず 何も
AUTOMATIC歌詞 I think, I think I know it all
Old White Boat歌詞 Seven years of bad luck! We st
CAN'T STAND LOSING YOU歌詞 I've called you so many times
Crappy Go Happy歌詞 A crappy day... So many happy
creed歌詞 They're marching…Screaming no
surfer歌詞 He was tired of all the doubt
SUNNY SIDE UP!歌詞 Sunny Side Up! Sunny Side Up!
somebody歌詞 I know I'm no one for the worl
サラバ アタエラレン歌詞 追い出されそうな夢も声も 心仕
shameless glory歌詞 Children looking to the sky fo
shining stars歌詞 When I gaze on shining stars,
sky without a cloud歌詞 Under the gray sky we lose hop
Standing in the rain歌詞 Throw some bricks and break th
STAND UP!歌詞 Slowly... the Ferris wheel is
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STICKIN IN MY EYE歌詞 When I look 'round, I only see
smallest big smile歌詞 Are we ready? Are we ready? Ar
sloven saints歌詞 They met at a punk rock show..
TIME BOMB歌詞 If you wanna make the move the
Dancing in MOON LIGHT歌詞 Are you happy? Are you happy t
Don't worry歌詞 Hey, my friend! Don't you worr
葉月の海歌詞 オオマツヨイグサの 花達 咲き薫
BIKEAGE歌詞 Running out of time again Wher
PARTY AT GROUND ZERO歌詞 Party at ground zero A B movie
PABU BOY歌詞 Can't sleep once again too man
Here rise the sun again歌詞 Mud on my hands... Blue in the
FAITH歌詞 I know you and I think you're
FLY歌詞 Something we could hold on...
brand new world歌詞 I couldn't lie to the anger in
HATE歌詞 I will never forgive some peop
VEGA歌詞 Some find a reason to live…so
Ve-Ri-Ha歌詞 So many tears and sadness echo
PAIN歌詞 We wave…HELLO…we wave as far
My Hands歌詞 Sometimes I look at my hands..
MADNESS歌詞 Can you feel that the shadow's
Mr. SMILING歌詞 Hey, Mr. SMILING! Your smile m
MOTORVATIN'歌詞 Well, I have a Saturday night
RAG歌詞 I'd rather be rag than a rusty
Let's start it again歌詞 A broken bone... A morning win
ROCK AND ROLL ALL NITE歌詞 You show us everything you've
one drop歌詞 What's going on? What's going


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