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sloven saints




They met at a punk rock show... a small, smoky club in town...
Where something was happening...
Both good and bad... all the lights and sounds
They were just two different types...
Neon shades of black and white...
They were standing still at the bottom line in their life...
In their boring life!

They became best friends... I say... at the smoky club in town
The sloven men laugh and drink with the punk rock...
Sounds of saints...

They became best friends... I say... (Wow wow!)
At the smoky club in town! (Wow wow!)
The sloven men sing and dance where the angels
Wear tattoos and spikes!

Nothing stays the same in town nor the same inside the club...
Trouble started from nothing and
They've lost the faith, lost the faith...
Unexpected tragedy devastated everything...
Now they live in our memories and smile in all their photos...
We all know...

They became best friends again in the heaven as the saints!
The sloven saints laugh and drink behind the God's back!
So insane!

They became best friends again (Wow wow!)
In the heaven as the saints! (Wow wow!)
The sloven saints sing and dance with angels
wearing wings and halos!

Let's give a toast and empty every chalice!
We can play the music anywhere we want!
Raise the tattered flag and the fist up in the sky!
It's not the right time to beg for the answers!

Toast! To the saints!
Toast! To the sloven saints of ours!

Toast! To the saints!
Toast! To the sloven saints in the sky!

アルバム「ALL FOR THIS!」収録曲

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