City Light NOISEMAKER 歌詞


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City Light  ♪  NOISEMAKER
作詞 : AG
作曲 : HIDE

Migratory birds, they know the way
They have no words, they have no maps
But we still get lost, with nowhere to go
Who could have known we have learned too much
Stop wasting your time, don't curse your fate
Is this your crime to pull the trigger?
I've never known those who've never cried
We all want what we can't have

It's ok if only, there's a light that sets you free
It's ok if only, you don't forsake your life
Just keep the hope just cast the light

We are the fire never dying
We light on something
There is no light people don't need or want
We fight for something
We're the light
We're the light in the city
Glowing bright tonight

As lights dim down, on the path you take
It's still there, so don't you worry
The stronger we shine
The darker it shades
Life is always filled with ups and downs
If you don't really know where to go
No one will show your destination
Every time you cry and wish to rewind time
You just want what you can't have

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