Horizon - NOISEMAKERの歌詞


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Horizon  ♪  NOISEMAKER
作詞 : AG
作曲 : HIDE

You want an answer from others
Did you find out what you want?
You will leave this small town
'Cuz you think nothing is here
And you are going to run
(You run)

Wherever you go
Wherever you are
You'll see there is no rainbow
Just so far and adorable
Look back at where you belong
There is one your rainbow
There is one your horizon

Do you feel any loneliness?
Is this real and your hopelessness?
Everything you see in brightness
Has a distress too
Let yourself go for where you go
Somewhere else, find a place and show
It will shine a light on your way
It will be the sun rising from your horizon

Every another day
Every yesterday
Every dreaming
Every memory

Can you hear the voice coming from the horizon?
Can you hear the voice leading for some reason?
As long as you breathe
As long as you stand
Every tomorrow comes
It's not your last journey

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