Melt Into Blue 土屋アンナ 歌詞


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Melt Into Blue  ♪  土屋アンナ
作詞 : ANNA
作曲 : Masahiro Abe

From the bottom of the blue sea
I just quietly exhaled a sigh
Time doesn't exist in this place
In this place no one ever needs to shed tears of sorrow

Melt into blue
I want to melt all this pain
I don't know that you see my face
But I will be with you
I won't hold my breath
I just keep my eyes open
I don't know that you hear my voice
But I'll sing this last song for you

Leave me to flow
Please give me all your wisdom
Because the earth is the mother of all
So wash me away

So guide me the way
Please light the tip of my wings
As I can fly alone in the dark & I can sing this last song for you

Melt into blue
So guide me the way

Brightness of the wave is so kind
Flow of water has become slowly
I am wearing the white dress & pray

I'm praying for lot's of tears

Many tears of sorrow

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