Serenade 土屋アンナ 歌詞


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Serenade  ♪  土屋アンナ
作詞 : Tobias Gad・Kaci Brown
作曲 : Tobias Gad・Kaci Brown

hush - I've heard it all before
roses are red and I know I'm adored
hush - don't play another song
Don't waste your time in the rain all night long
loosing sleep - serenading me

singing La lalala

your voice sends chills down my spine
something inside me wants you to be mine
Hands like a painter from the past
And lips that mold words into songs that will last
in my heart you'll be serenading me

singing La lalala

アルバム「NUDY SHOW!」収録曲
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rose♪When I was darkness at
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zero♪My reality is something
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Serenade♪hush - I've heard it
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Atashi♪Hey god! そこどいて ダメもとだけど
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土屋アンナの新曲 この歌手の新曲一覧

紅のプロローグ♪時は静かに ただ永久に
STAY WITH ME♪Guess it's true, I'm
I WANT IT THAT WAY♪You are my fire The one
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I Want You Back♪When I had you to myself,
Rehab♪They tried to make me
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涙のロンリー・ボーイ♪傷ついて 暮らすより 今日からは
Sugar Palm♪Before the spring time