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of the real  ♪  THE RiCECOOKERS
作詞 : 廣石友海
作曲 : 廣石友海

Voices, only come in secondhand
Words, are ones that have,
already spoken
Have you lost your mind
Somewhere between the lines,
in the limelight

The world in neon
Breaks the code of life
Jackknife under a pillow
Won't save you from this dream

The window in your hand
Promised you a world
Of infinite possibilities
But only in your hands

A tempest of lights
Violently changes
The faces of the universe
The faces of you

The voices only come in secondhand
Words they speak, are already spoken
Have you lost your mind
In an absolute demise
Of the real

The world in starlight
It's outside your window
Take the knife under your pillow
Lay it down beside you
For when you dream forever

The voices, only come
In secondhand
The words they speak
Are already spoken
Have you lost your mind
Of the real
Of the real

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