Pretty shelter PLAGUES 歌詞


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Pretty shelter  ♪  PLAGUES
作詞 : 深沼元昭
作曲 : 深沼元昭

I was searchin' for the right place,
latchin' onto one after another
'cause I feel everything's 'bout to fail.
At last I found the place for our shelter.
Don't worry.
I'll make it better. I'm talkin' for real,
don't think about the deal.
I'm callin' you.

At the window of the 13th floor,
we could get the warmer sunlight
that makes our story up to just the right.
Some things are so hard to say
even though you'd say them every day.
But I can't let our life be the buff of a joke.

We'll look down the loop road 8 and gently say,
"We don't care the world
which goes from bad to worse."
in our Small Pretty Shelter.

At last I found the place for us.
I'm on your side. Why must you cry?
Why do you still linger on?
I hear the phone ring that still calling
like kind of a part of curse.

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