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Revlon sister-PLAGUES
Revlon sister  ♪  PLAGUES
作詞 : 深沼元昭
作曲 : 深沼元昭

You got to be a celebrity
It's just like an innocent sleep
So I got to run or hide, though I can't reason why

Who's gonna take the blame
Who'll win at the end of the game
I've got myself on one side and got her on the other side

I don't know if my head is on the right
Creeping over on a sunday morning

I'm holding out for myself
Thinking back has left me one thing
knowing I spent my time wasting yours
At last I got to run or hide

Who's gonna take the blame
Who'll win at the end of the game
Who's gonna die in the shame
There's no solution I can get

So you do not have to remember any old broken promises

Revlon sister, so called the life twister
Revlon sister, don't take me for a loser

The last time she came here she left me sleepless, and I got blue
She said, "Don't you know you get just what you are due?"

"What's the color of your toenails today?"
Empty voices echo around my room
"I can't reason why"
"Don't take me for a loser" "I really cannot reason why"

アルバム「Swamp riding」収録曲
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