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monday  ♪  odd
作詞 : ryo
作曲 : ryo・tetsu・masahiro

Here in this room so many traces of you.
So many nights lying by your side.
I never knew such a day could come.
Monday morning and I falling.

Why does this happen to me.
Why does every moment have to be so hard.
In darkness she is all I see.
What I'm trying to say.
When I arived.
It's all to late.

Leavin' your smell on my room.
Now you've gone somewhere else.
It's so faraway.
But I want say goodbye anymore.
I still feel you like I'm right beside you.
I wonder if you're listening.
This is a song for you.
Forever you will be right here with me.
Know your love is all around me.
I won't look down.
I here you in my mind.

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