once upon a time in may odd 歌詞


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once upon a time in may  ♪  odd
作詞 : ryo
作曲 : ryo・tetsu・masahiro

As usual exausted made to the last train on time.
See through the further scenery with from the window a sigh.

I woke up usual time.
And again closed my eyes.
Woke up late and pour the coffee.
While listening cardigans.
I read the book that I bought someday.

Get out the door.
Feel the sunlight.
Looking at the branches.
Shaken by wind of may.
While watching the town changing.
Now I found the feel never been changed in myself.

I don't know what's happiness.
But the time is drifting it's surely bright.
It's alright to drink alchole with you laughing stupidly.
But when I feel desease face the big wall I swear not to lie to myself.
I want to stay here never conceal myself.
Into the sunlight through the branches cozy was cuddling me.

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