Empty Room 溝渕文 歌詞


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Empty Room  ♪  溝渕文
作詞 : Aya Mizobuchi
作曲 : Aya Mizobuchi

Many old pictures in my empty room
I threw them away but I still have some in my heart
We were laughing in a picture
It seems like we were having fun

My convictions is direct
I lose the value of my time
I throw it all away
I can't see the light

There was a song I didn't like
but when I listened with you, I liked it
Where is the person with a smile I remember

It's me who always let things go
I lock myself out of my own world
and I complain people don't understand

If I have such sarcasm,
I think we were getting along
I get so mad, so I can't see the light

Don't show up in my dream out of the blue
Don't make me think about you
I know it's not your fault
You're not waiting and you won't see me
but I... I can't see

I wake up from the dream of us holding each other
How lonely I am... Oh
The memory of your smiling face is fading away like bubbles
They disappear and I can no longer see
Where are you now?

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