Nervous Breakdown BRAHMAN 歌詞


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Nervous Breakdown  ♪  BRAHMAN
作詞 : Yoshie Nakano
作曲 : Masaki Mori・Yoshie Nakano

From the smog filled boring life
He's looking at himself in a mirror
It's just a day, now waves are high times
Oh, rude your mind
Searchin' for just one good life, cop him
Now mama

Crazy about nervous breakdown
The aroma of outlaws
Hey boy, can't help livin' it up
Crazy for a throw dance
The aroma of outlaws
Please, nowhere to drop

Sometime he stays with a glass pipe
Don't you know that midnight turns to daylight
Rubbing his eyes, crushed to a dreamer
will rise again
Searchin' for just one good life, cop him
Now mama

So come and get up on your feet
Feel the rhythm and beat
Free me! So come, so come
Inflame suspicions of the quiet common life

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