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Final destination  ♪  coldrain
作詞 : Masato
作曲 : Masato・Y.K.C

I, I used to fear
Am I falling back or moving forward
But now when I come to a crossroad
I hear this voice in my head
Scream these words once again

I can't look back, not anymore
I've given up too much to throw this away now
I can't look back, not anymore
Cause I know (know) now (now)
I'm heading to my final destination

I, I used to hear
All their static just got in my ear
But now I know, it doesn't matter
They can say what they want, cause I'm not listening

I've finally found my way to go
So I can't turn back
I'll keep moving forward

They can try to take away
With all the words they say
But I don't really care cause I'm not listening

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