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Just Tonight  ♪  coldrain
作詞 : Masato
作曲 : Y.K.C・Masato

Just tonight
Can we leave it all behind
Let's drive into the night
We don't have to plan on where to go
Cause all we need is each others company
Nothing else will mean a thing
For tonight it's just you and I
As the city falls asleep

I've been wondering
What if you were never there when I got home?
Could I find a way to stay sane and carry on?
I've been wondering
What if you could change your path?
Would you change it now?
You could find a better man...with a better plan

I'm sorry for the days I wrecked but
I promise I will make it up to you
I promise I will make it up

I hope you know
I love you

アルバム「Final Destination」収録曲
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