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Someday  ♪  coldrain
作詞 : Masato
作曲 : Y.K.C・Masato

You wake up to another day
"This feels more pointless everyday."
You say to your reflection in the mirror
You used to want to be something
You used to have more then one dream
But now they've watered down
And you don't mind being told what to do

If only you could find
What you want is what you need
Then the world you see will change
Can't you see?
Someday, someday, someday
You will finally find your way
Just wait don't give up

You work a day and go to bed
"It feels like I'm fading away."
You say to the ceiling of your room
You know that you can make a difference
Just say you've had enough and you won't take it anymore
Just scream it out
From now on...I live for myself

I know it seems so far, but day by day you take a step
Its up to you to change your fate, can't you see?
Someday, Someday, Someday
You will finally find your way
Just wait don't give up
Someday, Someday, Someday...

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