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Fiction (Album Ver.)  ♪  coldrain
作詞 : Masato
作曲 : Y.K.C・Masato

She'd do just anything
To get what she desires
But all she really wants
Are the things that she can see
The inside of her heart is so dark

You live inside a world where you are loved
But sooner or later you start to fall down
You've told so many lies the truth has died
And sooner or later you'll be figured out
You're such a fake...I can't relate

Her relationships are fake
Seeming friends mean shit
And she'd use just anyone
To please her self-esteem
The inside of her heart is so dark

Soon you will be all alone
With no one to catch you fall
I hope some day you find yourself
Come awake, just come awake

アルバム「Final Destination」収録曲
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To Be Alive♪A dead silence surrounds
Final destination♪I, I used to fear Am
Confession♪It's taken so much time
24-7♪Speak again And I swear
The Maze♪Sometimes it feels like
Fiction♪She'd do just anything
Rescue Me♪I've been down this road
Just Tonight♪Just tonight Can we leave
Aware And Awake♪I wanna live I wanna
FEED THE FIRE♪you think we're different?

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Bumps In The Night♪This that beat that bumps
ENVY♪I still remember when
FEED THE FIRE♪you think we're different?
LOST IN FAITH♪It's a shame we never
BURY ME♪in an endless spiral
R.I.P.♪take a bow and rest in
INSIDE OUT♪hate is hate I won't
STAY♪someone told me time
COLORBLIND♪what if I painted skies
F.T.T.T♪I close my eyes and count