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Survive  ♪  coldrain
作詞 : Masato
作曲 : Sugi・Masato

The sky has turned to gray
As he stands up in front of them
He is all they know
The one who holds the power
He says he'll give them life
But every heartbeat has a price
The cost is every inch of their souls

This is not a joke
Who ever really got a vote?
Someone please help me understand
Is he really that much stronger
When he can't even help himself
This all I have to say to him
I'd take you down
If I had just one chance

Is everybody dead inside?
Staring into space
Just like walking corpses
This town has died
But it's up to us to fight and stay alive
Now Survive

His head is full of thoughts
No one should ever have to know
His dreams will only bring us nightmares
He hates every other race, but does he really love his own?
Someday they'll see he's only full of shit
And the day will come
As his lies start breaking down

All this time they've been living in some kind of nightmare
But all they need to believe is their future

アルバム「Final Destination」収録曲
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