Time to go - coldrainの歌詞


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Time to go  ♪  coldrain
作詞 : Masato
作曲 : Sugi・Masato

He says he's had enough
She says she's had it even more
I think we've waited for too long
It's time to go
If you think you've had enough
Then it's time to let it out
The clock keeps ticking

I'm sick & tired of waiting
Let's get this party started
Stop wasting time debating
It's time to make a difference
To start this revolution
I need to here your voices
Screaming wow wow

Our lives are way too short
For us to be ignored
So I'll take this pen and paper
Declare a war
If you think we've done enough
You're wrong it's just begun
Sing if you're with me

Its now or its never
Tomorrow is too late
Ifs now or its never
Don't give up or give in
Our time has come to stand up

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