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LOW IQ 01「So Easy」のジャケット画像

So Easy

歌手:LOW IQ 01
作詞:LOW IQ 01
作曲:LOW IQ 01

Introduction of new things
Will destroy what used to be
So fresh and cool, so nice and fine
One plus one is one not two

Fascination of old things
Will refresh your memories
So don't erase everthing
One plus one, sometime it can be two

It's just so easy to forget (forget)
It's just so easy to delete (delete)
It's just so easy to forget (forget)
It's just so easy to delete (delete)

It's not the natural thing, it's nothing but a false alarm
Oh, it's right to deviate, got to find your own flow

アルバム「Meister Law」収録曲


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