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LUV「Tomorrow the World Will Change 〜そばにいるから〜」のジャケット画像

Tomorrow the World Will Change 〜そばにいるから〜

作詞:Daisuke“DAIS”Miyachi・Luang Phor Dhammajayo
作曲:Daisuke“DAIS”Miyachi・Yuichi Ohno

We all want to change,
This world to be better,
Some may think only war,
Can change the way of this world,
But as time goes by,
it turns to be,
The winners (the winners)...created hatred,
The losers (the losers) want revenge,
True peace
May still never happen,

Even though we change ways,
To reward peace,
Still there is no change at all,
We need to find a simple way,
That is proper for everyone,
And it will make,
Our dream come true,

I think...
Just softly close your eyes and relax your mind,

Focus your mind,
At the center of your body,
Till it's bright as the sun,
Soothing within,
Finding true happiness,
Which cannot compare,
Feeling love and compassion,
For all beings, in ourselves,
Differences and conflicts,
Will fade away,
Tomorrow the world will change,

In a simple way,
That no one can imagine.

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