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Seventeen / YOASOBI


作詞:Ayase・Konnie Aoki

Two mirror images that we know about
Of our realms with the same layout
On different lanes, we came to be
Two different versions of me
Were we decreed to places so misaligned?
Or maybe God has made the wrong design?
We look the same but everything inside you is not what's inside of me

Unease inside of me accrued
Over time, it grew so wide and crude
Papa and mama, I hold them dear with affection so true
However, what I'm feeling in my mind
Is I cannot fit in, I'm unaligned
So red goes back to red, and black to black
Return where they belong

Beyond that boundary line
Resounding shouts are intertwined
That devil is mercilessly howling, loud and malign
Version of me over there, a crybaby and a coward
I cannot pretend not to see what's in plain sight

Forget all happy endings at a pace like this
So, I jump into the scene
Got a world to save
Can you pardon my rough side
And I am sure to get it done
Till the end, I will not shy
Going to no bad ending, nothing like that
I can be anywhere, and I will still be the one
So unique, unpaired in this whole world
Original you
If you could think of me proudly
I'd be so glad, I can't get enough

On this side of that boundary line
Into the flow of days, and silent nights
Carefree, the angel, unconfined
Yawns in a life in black and white
Cannot overlook the vice that I noticed, will not disregard
Let's trade off our ways when we're returning home

I will embody hope and carry on
I'm saying goodbye, even though it's sad to be all alone
Disclosing bravery near to my eye
My scar is reflecting my courage to combat unfairness and the like

Until that happy ending comes to be one day
I will keep fighting against the whole world, on and on
Though I can be so rough, you gave me so much love
"I am so grateful," spoken with heart and soul
Going to no bad ending, nothing like that
I can be anywhere, and I will still be the one
And only, so unique, I'm the true source, original you
I'll keep on living so proud and strong
Now, let's get back to where we each belong
Signed off as I voiced, "goodbye" at seventeen





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