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Seize The Day / SixTONES

「Seize The Day」歌詞

作詞:Soflan Daichi・ЯIRE
作曲:Shun Hasegawa

Every page is turned by a breeze, empty letters seem to be free
Day by day without, all my feelings don't turn me
When you loose something like your way,
you should choose your heart right away
Don't regret the past Move to the front, right now

[Just seize the day] Don't need to repent the past
[Just seize the day] Don't have to fear next day?
This moment will never come again
Not someday, we live right now
[Just be yourself] Do not compare with the others
[Just be yourself] Just take the way you want
Sometimes we fail, sometimes we fight
Just around and moving, Keep on goin' goin'

In the past when I turned a page, how I wished,
if I just had changed
Thinking for today, would have been a better day
Disappointing that's in my mind Cause I still have hope in my mind
Never throw away That's the right key My life

[Just seize the day] Let's do it, shake off the pain
[Just seize the day] Just focus on the "Now"
never too late to start again
Let your step move from right here
[Just be yourself] You shouldn't look for the answer
[Just be yourself] Create the world you want
Do it always, do it like that Live your life
that's yours so Keep on goin' goin'

Sometimes you stop There will be times you want to wanna cry
Pain is telling me I should not escape,
keep hanging in Face it now Can be anyone you want
Everybody, [so everybody]
We won't be young forever
Just seize the day… Just seize the day…

The future let's talk about [Don't be afraid of anything]
Forget the pain in your past [Shouldn't be trapped in anything]
That is the way I believe [Yes, I am sure]
Getting lost is proof you're Looking ahead
Life is your only story [Let's seize your glory]

Ready to take off
Receiving headwinds and fly off
Can you feel that
The wind around
It's the time, for you now feel it in your hands

[Just seize the day] Conservative is no answer
[Just seize the day] Release it. Let it go!
This moment will never come again
[Never too late to start again]
Just around and moving, Keep on goin' goin'
Just seize the day

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